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Vegetable Milk Maker for home use. Why choice our milk maker ?

  • Quality: Only our soya milk machine can give you fine grading devices smashes the soya bean to pieces thoroughly. Simmered boiling makes the soya milk great fragrance. 
  • Automatic operation, that is simple to use and heat soya milk without boiling over to scorching is the most important and difficult part of making soya milk. This process will not damage the nutrition of soya. You can enjoy the Fresh, Healthy & Moisten Drink. 
  • Other function: You also can make Oak/Avena milk, Rice Milk, Five Cereals, Almond Milk, Rice Paste… 
  • Warranty & Services: 2 years warranty will be provided by manufacture. 
  • The best gift for vegetarians, people with difficult digested of cow milk, new mothers who need nutrition... 
  • We will update the latest recipes on our website.  Currently, once you enjoy various kinds of fresh milk , at same time, you also can use milk to make Tofu, bread, cookies, pudding, yogurt, add into your coffee … Sharing  your experience with us are welcome! 
  • It is important that you can save thousands of empty boxes for environment protection and also save your $$$.